What material should you use to close your package ?

Before shipping a package, it is essential to take care to package it well. When you finish, to prevent the packaging from opening along the way, you don't just have to reseal it. You must use material to seal it well, to prevent it from opening on its own. Depending on the type of packaging and its contents, several closure materials are available. Learn about some of the best choices and when to use them.

Strapping straps

Strapping is considered the most robust sealing method. If you are sending very heavy packages in boxes or crates, strapping straps are the materials to use to effectively close your goods.

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They are available in a wide variety of materials on the market. By going to a platform like https://www.lacroixnoble.fr/en/, you can have, for example, strapping in:


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paper ;


woven textile;

steel ;


Note that the choice of material depends on the type of box, the protection needs and the image you project as a brand. Note that if you adopt this material, you must adopt strapping tools.

The adhesive tape

If your package is not too heavy and it is packaged in a cardboard box, you can choose adhesive tape to close it. Unlike the previous option, the tape is more economical. If he is able to hold your box closed without risk of it opening, opt for him.

There are several types of adhesive tapes. If your package is quite heavy, choose polypropylene options with hot-melt glue. If the load is medium, polypropylene (PP) tapes with acrylic glue and PVC tapes can do the trick.

If you're deciding what type of tape to use, it's also helpful to learn how to use them to cover your package. The perfect choice once again depends on the weight of the package. For light products, you can close your L-shaped packaging. For a heavy product, the U-shaped closure is recommended. Finally, you can also opt for the H-shaped closure, known to be very reliable.

The staple

The staple is also a solution used to seal a package. It is also an economical solution and has the particularity of being very easy to put on. It should be noted that the staple is practical for all types of packaging. You can also use it on a cardboard box, another made of wood or plywood.

To place your staples, simply equip yourself with a stapler suitable for the type of material to be sealed. Also make sure that the staples used are the appropriate size to ensure a secure attachment. For maximum effectiveness, it is recommended to place the staples at regular intervals along the edges and joining areas of the package.

To avoid deformation or tearing of the material, it is important to apply uniform pressure when stapling. Your package will finally be ready to be sent.

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